Closol Topical Solution

Closol is a broad spectrum antifungal topical spray.

The old Closol packaging had an overwhelming design that failed to present relevant information in an appropriate, legible manner. The redesign aims to fix this problem and provide a clean, functional look while maintaining the packaging's identifiable features.

Scope of Project

Identity Design
Packaging Design

The new packaging had to:

Clearly communicate important information. Active ingredients, dosage, formulation, warnings, etc.
• Have high shelf presence and identifiability.
• Maintain some semblance to the old packaging. Use the same colors; blue and yellow.
• Be easy and cheap to print. Use only a few colors with limited overlap.

Closol, Old Packaging

"Operating under the umbrella of PHARCO Corporation, European Egyptian Pharmaceutical Industries (EEPI) is a private Egyptian shareholding pharmaceutical company based in Alexandria, Egypt. Founded in 1998, EEPI was established with the aim of manufacturing quality pharmaceutical grade healthcare products."

The EEPI logo needed an update to compliment the redesign of the Closol packaging.

Old Logo, New Logo

New EEPI Logo Variations

New Closol Logo