Orcas is a mobile application that connects parents with trusted, trained and reliable tutors, language instructors and babysitters in their area.

Having just rebranded from “CairoSitters”, Orcas had a new unfocused brand with limited identity design to work with.

The challenge was to help Orcas define their brand, refine their identity and launch their app.

Scope of Project

Positioning & Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Stationary & Collateral
ATL & BTL Campaign Development
Video Production
Billboard Design

Perfecting the Essentials

Going into this project, Orcas didn’t have a solid visual identity with any guidelines to follow.
Colors, typefaces and patterns were improvised making  for an unclear visual language.

Crafting The Narrative

Orcas offered three services; babysitting, language tutoring and academic tutoring.

Marketing for the three services hurt the brand. There was no obvious focus. Working together with the Orcas team, we created a narrative that would guide the brand and neatly tie the three services together.

The services fit into the target market’s childhood timeline.

- Babysitting between ages 1-8.
- Learning new languages between ages 3-10.
- Tutoring between ages 8-16.

Following this line of thought, we arrived at the new tagline...

We are always with you

The Countdown

Building up to the launch, we decided to deploy a teaser campaign on social media.

The goal was to relate to parents who need Orcas’ services and empathize with them with a voice that does not patronize them or make them feel guilty for needing Orcas.

Lift Off

Launching had to happen both on social media and on the streets of Zamalek, a Cairo neighborhood with high target market concentration and geographic definition.

Large billboards were deployed along the main axis cutting through Zamalek.

Smaller billboards in active areas through the island made sure everyone knew Orcas was coming!